Tax and MOT testing during COVID-19

Publié le 1 Mai 2020

Do I need to pay for road tax and MOT during lock down?

DVLA rules in 2020 for UK motorists


The coronavirus is hitting most during lock down, both in Europe and America. With businesses suffering and people needing to tighten their belts, it is no surprise that motorists are looking at ways to save money keeping a car legally on the road. 


check a vehicle with DVLA


What are the costs of keeping a car on the road? 

Drivers insurance is often the biggest cost, especially for younger motorists with average premiums for drivers under 21 years of age now topping £500 per year. 

Monthly repayments for car finance are the next big spend. You may have a Personal Contract Purchase or Hire Purchase agreement for a car you are hardly using during COVID-19. On average, the monthly spent for a UK motorist is around £180.


Road tax

For UK drivers, it's mandatory to have road tax, MOT and insurance at all times. That's a big monthly or annual cost (depending on how you pay premiums). Get a vehicle check to see the status of your cars tax and mot and how much it costs to keep the car no the road each year. 

Let's say you own a Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 Diesel Sport aged between 2008 and 2015. The road tax on this car is around £240 per year or £20 per month. 

Then annual MOT test might cost £50 per year plus repair bills on parts and labour. Expect an average running cost of over £200 a year for tyres, brakes and exhaust renewals. 

So far, we are up to about £2,000 per year to keep a car on the road before you drive it! If you travel 10,000 miles per year (that's the UK average for most motorists), you'll be spending over £3,000 per year on fuel too. 


COVID-19 and saving some money

With lock down in full force, you are probably not using your car. If you do, it might be for local runs to the supermarket. You might consider a food delivery that frees up the chance to take your car off the road official via SORN declaration with DVLA. 



If's a status for your car that means you take it off the road completely. You cannot drive a car under SORN status unless it's to an MOT station for a test. 

Read more on Statutory Off Road Notification

But, you also don't need to pay for insurance, road tax or MOT fees. 

As you are not driving, there are no fuel costs either. 

If you contact your finance company, they can probably help out by deferring you monthly payments until lock down is lifted and the economy has picked up a bit. 


Saving money on road costs, immediately

If you exercise these suggestions, you can save yourself some cash during the coronavirus crisis. 

Find out about dvla sorn as you can activate this status with Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency instantly. 


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