SORN Status for Cars

Publié le 29 Mars 2020

SORN status for cars

What is a SORN

It stands for Statutory Off Road Notification that allows any motorist to reclassify their vehicle as off the road and not in public use.

DVLA introduced it as a mechanism, so drivers do not pay for road tax, MOT or insurance when their cars are not being used for any period.

SORN is used by over 5 million motorists each year.

Here is a free SORN status check (can be used for any car registered in the UK)


sorned car
Car off the road after a DVLA notification as sorn


How to SORN my car

Notify DVLA of SORN status online. Use this link to complete quick online updates about your vehicle

You can also call DVLA here 03001234321

Or complete the V890 SORN application form and send it to:
SA99 1AR

CarVeto has composed a SORN my car guide that offers the process step by step, including how to get your car back on the road when you are ready.


How do I SORN my car without a logbook

You will need the V5C logbook reference number to go SORN. If you don't have that the road reminder will do the job. Without either, use the V62 logbook application form that notifies DVLA of any V5C change of owner or address .


Is SORN transferred to someone after a sale?

No, it is specific to the registered keeper. If your car is sold or transferred and they want to maintain status, they'll need to notify DVLA in the ways listed above.


Getting my car back on the road

That's easy. Just get your car MOT'd and SORN is removed automatically. It is an instant process when changes are logged on the central DVLA database.

Taxing your car also triggers SORN removal. You'd do that if your vehicle is less than three years old.

But, most SORN status vehicles are aged over ten years or more.

Unlike road tax, MOT and insurance that all need to be updated, SORN remains on the car indefinitely until such time that it is taxed and MOT'd again.

Remember, road insurance is another legal requirement to drive on the roads in the UK. After you have renewed your insurance policy, wait a week or so and check if it is live on the askMID motor insurance database . It's a free tool where anyone can see if a car is held legally on the road.


How much does it cost?

SORN is a free service.


Best times for SORN

  • When buying a car that is already SORN (remember to let DVLA know via your notification
  • When you can't tax, mot or insure a car right away
  • When you don't have a logbook or tax renewal form
  • When the car is being scrapped or dismantled
  • When the car is being repaired after a road traffic accident


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