MOT check advice for motorists

Publié le 25 Mars 2020

MOT check advice for motorists
Why we need MOT testing for today's drivers

British motorists need an annual MOT test certificate to drive legally on the roads. A vehicles inaugural test must be carried out exactly three years after first date of registration unless the vehicle is imported from overseas where it must be tested on arrive to the UK. 

The test are thorough and include a manual audit of the major mechanic parts on a used car. 

Common failure items include tyres, brakes, CV gators and exhaust parts. Emission rules continue to be tightened as the UK and other countries like France, Germany and Holland work to reduce carbon footprints. 

Costs for MOT tests vary but there are maximum and minimum charges set by the Ministry of Transport (MOT). 


Image of a MOT test certificate identification number


DVLA (Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency) and MOT are working to reduce the number of MOT test failures caused by simple items such as blown light bulbs i.e. brake lights or split wiper blade rubbers. These parts are simple to replace and motorists are now being asked to ensure the basic items taken care of before test day. This reduces costs, labour and our carbon footprint. 


Checking car history

CarVeto provides free, detailed and fully customised MOT history for any UK registered car post 2005. Free certificates include dates of past MOT tests, mileages at time of each test and failure items. 


MOT advisory notes

An MOT advisory is when a car passes its test but has car parts that are worn and near to needing replacement. Typically, brakes and tyres lead the way in advisory notes. 

Best practice is to replace these tyres of parts if they have a advisory note. If you are selling your car, having a new MOT result without advisory notes helps towards a quick sale. An up to date CarVeto car reg check report also supports a quick sale and perceived value. 


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